Scouting For Boys 1908 Version (Legacy Edition): The Original First Handbook That Started The Global Boy Scout Movement: 18 (Library of American Outdoors Classics)


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The Very First Boy Scout Handbook from 1908!

This deluxe, unabridged reprint Legacy Edition of Robert Baden-Powell’s 1908 Scouting For Boys is the very first manual for boy scouts, which kicked off the global scout movement! First published in the UK for British boy scouts, BP’s handbook provides the blueprint for the first scouts and inspired scout organizations in America, Canada, and other countries across the world.

This handbook was first published as 6 small pamphlets that were released every two weeks. This reprint Legacy Edition is an unabridged facsimile of first version of Scouting for Boys that was bound in book form in 1908. Included within this Legacy Edition are the 6 original pamphlets, exactly as they appeared within the first book-bound version that collected the pamphlets to form the first edition Scouting For Boys. This Legacy Edition features the cleanest optical scanning and professional photo remastering for the most pristine reading experience possible, while retaining the original format and character of the original text.

Included within these pages are BP’s suggestions for what make a good scout in his newly formed organization, including outdoors life, lifesaving and first aid, animal and nature lore, hiking and navigation, games, personal fitness, emergency response and service to community, organizing patrols and troops, chivalrous action, patriotism, and citizenship,

Enjoy your copy of Scouting For Boys for its historical record of the very first days of the boy scout movement. Some material, of course, is past its time. However, most of the material is timeless! Perhaps you may even learn an old skill or two.

This book makes a perfect gift for scouts and scout leaders, outsoorspeople, campers, hunters, bushcrafters, and historians. This book represents the rich history of the boy and girl scouts, and belongs on the bookshelf of every scout and scout leader!

A part of the Library of American Outdoors Classics: Volume 18

This Doublebit Legacy Edition reprint of Scouting For Boys 1908 Version is professionally restored and presented from the original source with the highest degree of fidelity possible. Available in both paperback and hardcover, readers can enjoy this Legacy Edition for generations to come and learn from its timeless knowledge for years to come.

About the Doublebit Press Library of American Outdoors Classics

Sometimes we need to remember our history to move forward. Sometimes, remembering our heritage is just fun or inspirational. With technology playing a major role in everyday life, sometimes we need to take a step back in time to find those basic building blocks used for gaining mastery – the things that we have luckily not completely lost and has been recorded in books over the last two centuries. These skills aren’t forgotten, they’ve just been shelved. It’s time to unshelve them once again and reclaim the lost knowledge of self-sufficiency!

As a part of the Doublebit Press Library of American Outdoors Classics, this unabridged Legacy Edition volume is reprinted in the exact form as it was presented in the original publication. Both important and minor details have equally both been accounted for by our publishing staff, down to the cover, font, layout, and images. It is the goal of Doublebit Legacy Edition series to preserve outdoors heritage, but also be cherished as collectible pieces, worthy of collection in any outdoorsperson’s library and that can be passed to future generations.

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